How do I renew my domain name?

If your domain name is registered via, you can easily renew your domain name at any time by going to the client area and then clicking on the Domains menu and then Renew Domains.

If you do not see your domain listed in your account, please open a support ticket so we can add the domain into your account. Some domains may have be been registered by AWH in one of our separate legacy systems. By moving your domain into your account, you can manage all of your hosting needs from one single interface.  

Domain renewals are $15/year for most domains, and can be paid via major credit card or PayPal. You are also able to change the renewal to $30 for two years, or $45 for three years, etc., if you wish to save the hassle of having to renew it every year (there are no multiple-year renewal discounts, however).

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