Unable to access cPanel or WebMail ?

If you have difficulty accessing cPanel or WebMail, there are several steps you can do for this.

1) First double-check that your domain name is working, and that your domain name is not expired.  Try visiting your home page in your browser.

If your domain name loads in your browser and shows your site properly, proceed to step 3.
If you cannot get your home page to pull up, proceed to step 2 to look up your domain name to ensure it is not expired. 

2) You can do this by doing a "WHOIS Lookup" for your domain name. Ensure that it has not expired. (Please note that some registrar providers will add one year to the domain registration date but still make the domain name unusable, so as to give you time to notice and renew the domain without losing it.)

3) Some office networks or firewalls block access to non-standard ports, including the ports cpanel uses (2082 for cPanel, 2095 for WebMail)  If you are connecting from an office or workplace, ask your employer if there are any restrictions in place.

If your network blocks non-standard ports, you can ask your network administrator to open ports 2082 and 2095 for you. If they are unable or unwilling to do so, you may be able to use a "cPanel Proxy" that we set up, that allows you to load cPanel and WebMail over the standard web port 80.

Try the following URLs for cPanel and WebMail respectively:

http://cpanel.server1.alwayswebhosting.com   *

http://webmail.server1.alwayswebhosting.com  *

* (Change the server number part ("server1") to the number of the server you are on. Such as server1, server2, server5, etc.  This information can be found in your welcome letter that was sent to you when you signed up. If you do not know what server you are on, just submit a ticket to our help desk and we would be glad to check for you and let you know.)

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