Why am I not receiving email?

If you are not receiving emails, does the sender receive a 'bounce' message? If there is a bounce message, please check for the exact reasons listed. Or, send the full bounce message to us and we can help you diagnose it. If there is no bounce message, there are a few other things you can check:

1) Is your domain name expired?

Try going to your web site and see if it works, or check your domain's expiration date on Domain Dossier at http://centralops.net/co/

2) Is your account over its disk space limit?

Go into your cPanel and look at the space available. If you are over your limit, then no emails can be delivered. Try removing some unnecessary files or upgrade your account to a higher package that includes more space. Emails received while your account is over your disk space limit be stored in our mail queue until your account is again under its disk space limit and then will be delivered.

3) Is your mailbox over its disk space limit?

When you create an account in cPanel, you can optionally enter a disk space limit for the account. Go into your cPanel, and to the Mail section, and to 'Manage/Add/Remove accounts', and take note of the mail usage and the quota for each mail account. If it is set to a 250 Mb limit and 250 Mb is used, then no new email can be delivered!

We recommend that you edit the quota on any mailbox that has one set and leave the quota field blank (for 'unlimited' quota up to your hosting account's overall space limit)

If none of the steps have fixed your issue or you are having trouble, please don't hesitate to contact us by whatever method is most suitable to you and we would be glad to assist you.

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