Squirrelmail error upon login: Create "sent-mail", Invalid mailbox name

If you receive the following error message in the left menu of Squirrelmail after you login:

"ERROR: Could not complete request.
Query: CREATE "sent-mail"
Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name."

This usually means that your configuration file(s) have been damaged and need to be recreated.  You can fix this by doing the following steps:

1) Connect to the server using your favorite FTP program (or the "File Manager" in cPanel)
2) Rename the ".sqmaildata" folder to:  .sqmaildataold
3) Using your browser, logout of Squirrelmail (and close all browser windows that are open)
4) Copy any preference files, address books, and signature files (.pref, .abook, and .sig files) in ".sqmaildataold" to ".sqmaildata" (overwrite any existing files if prompted)
5) Re-login to Squirrelmail and it should be working properly again.

If you still have trouble after completing the steps listed above, please submit a ticket to our help desk mentioning this issue and with the following:

1) Your domain name
2) The email address(es) that are having this trouble
3) The mailbox password for each mailbox in 2) so we can go into Squirrelmail and confirm we have fixed it once we complete your help desk ticket.

and we will gladly help fix this for you.
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